1 .which of following is false? A. Traditionally male-dominated professions have lower mean salaries than non-gendered positions. b. Whites consistently have the lowest portion of their population living in poverty.

1 .which of following is false? A. Traditionally male-dominated professions have lower mean salaries than non-gendered positions. b. Whites consistently have the lowest portion of their population living in poverty. c. Construction and extraction is the most equitable between the sexes of the industries surveyed. d. Individuals with professional degrees earn more, on average , than those with doctorates. 2.WHICH IS THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF INTENTIONAL DISCRIMINATION? A. The conscious and deliberate discriminatory act on an individual B. The discrimination brought about by the unconscious biases of an individuals c. the acts of discrimination made by the few heads of an organization d. the discrimination that results from the routine and process of large groups. 3. Which of the following is one definition of the term ethics? A. the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group B. the process of adhering to all laws and regulations C. an alternate term for morality D. a term describing why people are good or evil 4. WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING IS NOT A KEY CONSIDERATION FOR AN EMPLOYER WHEN IMPINGING ON AN EMPLOYEE’S PRIVACY? a. relevance b.consent c. methods d. utility 5. BEING OFFERED A GIFT DURING CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS IS LIKELY AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT? a. subjective conflict of interest b. objective conflict of interest c. commercial bribe d. commercial extortion 6. The term for the worldwide process by which the economic and social systems of nations become connected is Called_______ a. connectivity internationalization c. Multinationalism d. Globalization 7. WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING ETHICAL ISSUES DID NOT ARISE AS A RESULT OF THE INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION? a. worker exploitation in factories b. environmental damage c. manipulation of the new financial markets d. customers privacy issues 8. WHAT HAPPENED WHEN STANLEY MILGRAM TESTED SUBJECT’S WILLINGNESS TO FOLLOW THE ORDERS OF AN AUTHORITY FIGURE TO GIVE ELECTRIC SHOCKS TO SOMEONE ELSE? a. No subjects were willing to harm other people b. One- third of subjects were willing to harm other people c. Two-third of subjects were willing to harm other people. d. 90% of the subjects were willing to harm other people. 9. WHAT DOES RULE UTILITARIANISM LOOK AT? a. The amount of utility produced by a particular action b. the moral rules of a particular action c. the people affected by a particular action d. the legality and legal rules of a particular action 10. WHAT TYPE OF JUSTICE INVOLVES THE IMPOSITION OF PENALTIES? a. retributive justice b. distributive justice c. reparative justice d. compensatory justice 11. WHY DID THE FORD MANAGERS DECIDE NOT TO FIX THE GAS TANK ON THE PINTO? a. because they believed it was best for society as a whole b. because they did not have enough time or budget c. to save money on the cost of fixing the tanks d. because they were acting in self-interest 12. KARL MARX OFFERS THE MOST CRITICAL VIEW OF MODERM PRIVATE PROPERTY AND FREE MARKET INSTITUTIONS. MARX CLAIMS THAT FREE -MARKET CAPITALISM NECESSARILY PRODUCES_________ Extremes of inefficiency Extremes of efficiency Extremes of equality Extremes of inequality 13. WHAT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CONCEPT IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE THEORY? a. free trade b. absolute advantage c. comparative advantage d. means of production 14. SO-CALLED PRIMITIVE SOCIETIES USED ECONOMIC SYSTEMS BASED ON________ a. smalll business organization b. tradition-based societies c. barter system d. none of the above 15. IN A PERFECTLY FREE ECONOMY , ALL BUYERS AND SELLERS ARE WHAT? a. utility users b. utility creators c. utility maximizers d. utility diminishers 16. WHEN A COMPANY SELL A BUYER CERTAIN GOODS ONLY ON CONDITION THAT THE BUYER ALSO PURCHASE OTHER GOOD FROM THE FIRMS , THIS KNOWN As______ a. manipulation of supply b. exclusive dealing arrangement c. price discrimination d. tying arrangement 17. WHICH OF THE FOLLOWING IS THE TERM FOR A SITUATION IN WHICH FIRMS LIMIT THEIR OUTPUT? a. market allocation b. bid rigging c. exclusive dealing arrangement d. manipulation of supply 18 WHAT IS ONE REASON WHY BUSINESSES ARE ABLE TO IGNORE THEIR EFFECTS ON THE ENVIRONMENT FOR SO LONG? a. Businesses tend to view the effects of their activities as negligible and ignore them. b. Governments had no way to stop them. c. Businesses  did not know they were polluting. d. Businesses used bribes for many years as incentives to government to ignore the effects. 19. OZONE DEPLETION IS A SERIOUS THREAT TO OUR SURVIVAL, WHICH GASES EXTREMELY HARMFUL TO THE OZONE LAYER? a. carbon dioxide b. nitrogen c. chlorofluorocarbons d. hydrocarbons 20. __________ IS PRIVACY WITH RESPECT TO A PERSON’S INNER’S LIFE. THIS INCLUDES THE PERSON’S THOUGHTS AND PLANS, PERSONAL BELIEFS AND VALUES, FEELINGS AND WANTS. a. physical privacy b. Psychological privacy c. Personal privacy d. Spiritual Privacy 21. EVEN THOUGH ADVERTISING ISSUES ARE COMPLEX, THEY MUST INCLUDE_______ a. social effects b. effects on desire c. effects on belief d. all of the above 22. Which of the following is NOT a basic element of discrimination in employment? A. It must be an action by a person in a position of authority. B. It must be a decision not based on individual merit. C. The decision must derive from racial or sexual prejudice. D. The decision must have a harmful impact on the interest of employees. 23. Which of the following forms of employee discrimination is NOT legally protected in the United States? A. discrimination by ability B. discrimination by sex C. discrimination by nationality D. discrimination by race 24. risks are sometimes unavoidable and acceptable, as long as a. employees are not coerced b. employees are fully compensated for assuming them and they do so freely and knowingly c. no one else has the expertise to do the work d. all of the above 25. which of the following is a valid consideration for determining a fair wage? a. the firm’s profits b. previous wage of the applicant c. gender of the applicant d. the nationality of the applicant

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