a PowerPoint (5–7 slides) in which you address the followin…

a PowerPoint (5–7 slides) in which you address the following: Here is the link to watch Jennifer Brea case: https://www.ted.com/talks/jennifer_brea_what_happens_when_you_have_a_disease_doctors_can_t_diagnose#t-45518 Please provide a reference slide with Zero Percent Plagiarism! Please have the assignment posted in 48 hours.

Title: Understanding the Challenges of Undiagnosed Diseases: A Case Study

Slide 1:
– Introduction
– Background on the prevalence of undiagnosed diseases
– Overview of the case study: Jennifer Brea’s experience

Slide 2:
– Jennifer Brea’s case
– Summary of her symptoms and medical journey
– Highlight the difficulties she faced in getting a diagnosis

Slide 3:
– Impact of undiagnosed diseases on patients
– Psychological and emotional implications
– Delay in appropriate treatment and management

Slide 4:
– Challenges faced by healthcare professionals
– Diagnostic uncertainty and complexity
– Limited knowledge and resources for rare diseases

Slide 5:
– Importance of patient advocacy and empowerment
– Jennifer Brea’s efforts in raising awareness
– The role of patient support groups and online communities

Slide 6:
– Future directions for improving diagnosis
– Advances in genomic medicine and precision medicine
– Collaborative efforts between patients, healthcare professionals, and researchers

Slide 7:
– Conclusion
– Recap of key points
– Emphasize the need for increased research and support for undiagnosed disease patients

Reference Slide:
– Include references to all sources used in the presentation
– Ensure proper citation and adhere to a zero percent plagiarism policy


1. Brea, J. (2016, July). What happens when you have a disease doctors can’t diagnose? [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.ted.com/talks/jennifer_brea_what_happens_when_you_have_a_disease_doctors_can_t_diagnose#t-45518

Note: The initial slide deck provided above only includes a brief outline of the content that will be covered in your PowerPoint presentation. Each slide should contain concise and relevant information, complemented by appropriate visuals that support the key points being discussed.