Assignment 1: Introductory Speech Three items worth 120 points total: Assignment Item Due Date Points Outline Week 2 20 Speech (2-3 min.) Week 2 70

Assignment 1:  Introductory Speech Three items worth 120 points total: Assignment Item Due Date Points Outline Week 2 20 Speech (2-3 min.) Week 2 70 Self Review Week 2 30 TOTAL 120 This is the beginning of your journey to becoming an effective speaker!  Strong oral communication skills will be valuable to you throughout your  academic journey and are in high demand by many employers. In this  course, you’ll have multiple opportunities to practice and improve your  speaking skills through a variety of assignments. Your first assignment is to prepare and deliver a short, introductory  speech. Don’t worry—your first speech doesn’t have to be perfect.  Assignment 1 is your first opportunity to complete the process of  outlining, delivering, and recording a speech with the Webcam Recorder  tool. You will also review and reflect on your speech. Instructions: In order to obtain full credit for this assignment,  complete all five (5) steps below. You may want to print this  assignment and check off each step as you complete it.  STEP 1: Read Assigned Chapters  Chapter 3: Listening. This chapter covers listening skills that will   you complete your Self Review.  Chapter 4: Giving Your First Speech. This chapter covers the steps  you’ll complete to prepare and deliver your speech.  STEP 2: Select a Topic Topic Bank (Choose only one topic.)  1: Deliver an elevator pitch that describes your professional background  and experience for a potential employer during a job interview. 2: Present a significant event or decision in your life and describe how  it impacted you. 3: Discuss your dream career or a potential business you intend to start  following graduation. 4: Select an object that represents a significant aspect of who you are.  Describe why you chose it and explain how it represents you.   STEP 3: Create an Outline  Create an outline or speaking notes in Microsoft Word. A sample  template is available in the “Assignment 1: Outline” section located in  Week 2 of your course.  Focus your speech on 2-3 main points so you′ll stay within the  3-minute time limit.  Go to the Week 2 “Assignment 1: Outline” section and submit your  outline.  The outline is worth 20 points and is graded separately.  STEP 4: Deliver, Record, and Upload Your Speech  Go to the Week 2 “Assignment 1: Introductory Speech” section and click  the link under “Instructions” to access Speech Assignment Submission  Instructions.  Refer to your outline or speaking notes to deliver your speech. Do not  read your notes word for word. Make sure you record your speech  delivery with a computer, phone, or tablet.  Watch your recording. Do you want to submit it, or do you want to  record another version?  Go to the Week 2 ″Assignment 1: Introductory Speech″ section and  upload your speech. For additional recording and uploading your speech, go to the  “Course Tool ” link in the left-hand navigation bar in Blackboard  and review the Speech Assignment Submission Guide located under “Kaltura  Media and Webcam Recorder .”  STEP 5: Complete a Self Review  Go to the Week 2 “Assignment 1: Self Review” section.  Follow the instructions listed to complete and submit your Self Review  of Assignment 1.  The self review is worth 30 points and is graded separately.

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