Attached Files: This will be the first of 2 assignments this semester. You will find 2 files to download. 1) zipIncomeAssignment.csv is the dataset file

Attached Files: This will be the first of 2 assignments this semester. You will find 2 files to download. 1) zipIncomeAssignment.csv is the dataset file you will use for the asignment. 2) ITS836 Assignment 1.docx is the actual assignment instructions. Note: When you read through the docx file, you’ll notice that some words are in That was intentional. Consider those words very strong hints to the solution. This assignment is worth 20 points (20% of your final grade.) You will use R to perform basic data analysis on the supplied dataset. refer to the discussion forum for additional information. note that questions #8 and #9 will likely be quite challenging. I want you to discuss challenges and strategies in the discussion forum. Don’t just give up the answers to other students if you figure out how to solve the problems, but try to offer insights and answer other students’ questions when you can. I’ll be in on the discussion as well. The point is for each of you to learn about R. The best way to get there is to encounter some challenges and collaborate to resolve them. I look at questions #8 and #9 as opportunities to learn more about R, not ways for me to count off points. I’m interested in the outcome.

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