Can someone complete a 3-5 page literature review on an expe…

Can someone complete a 3-5 page literature review on an experimental article? Attached is the outline with everything needed in the paper and the article is also attached. Purchase the answer to view it

Title: Literature Review on Experimental Article: [Article Title]


Experimental articles play a pivotal role in advancing scientific knowledge by systematically investigating a particular research question and providing empirical evidence. This literature review aims to critically analyze the experimental article titled [Article Title], which explores [briefly summarize the main topic or research question]. By evaluating the methodology, results, and implications of the study, this review will contribute to a deeper understanding of the research area.


The experimental study utilized a [describe the experimental design employed]. [Provide a brief overview of the participants, sample size, and any inclusion/exclusion criteria]. The study employed [mention any specific instruments or materials used for data collection]. [Discuss any ethical considerations or approvals obtained]. It is essential to evaluate the appropriateness of the methodology to ensure the validity and reliability of the results.


The experimental study identified [present the key findings or results]. The authors found [summarize the main findings]. It is crucial to critically analyze the results by considering the statistical significance, effect sizes, and any limitations associated with the data analysis. The results will be discussed in detail to assess their implications and contributions to the scientific community’s existing knowledge base.

Discussion and Analysis:

In the discussion section, the authors elaborate on the implications of their findings and provide a comprehensive analysis. This includes examining the results in the context of previous research and theories, as well as identifying any novel contributions. The discussion must also address any limitations of the study and suggest avenues for future research. By critically evaluating the discussion section, we can assess the overall significance and rigor of the study’s findings.

Innovation and Contribution:

An essential aspect of experimental articles is their ability to contribute to the existing body of knowledge. This literature review will assess the extent to which the [Article Title] study brings innovation to the research field. By exploring the unique aspects of the study, identifying any gaps it fills, and evaluating its impact, we can determine the article’s contribution and relevance.

Strengths and Limitations:

To form a well-rounded assessment of the experimental article, it is crucial to identify and evaluate both its strengths and limitations. The strengths can include the methodology, novel findings, or theoretical contributions. Conversely, limitations may encompass sample size, generalizability, or potential biases. This analysis will provide a comprehensive understanding of the study’s overall credibility and value.

Implications for Practice and Research:

The experimental article’s findings may have practical implications for professionals in the field or inform future research directions. This literature review will examine the implications and discuss how the results can be applied in practical settings. Moreover, it will identify areas for further investigation, highlighting gaps in current knowledge that the study may have uncovered.


In conclusion, this literature review has outlined the structure and focus of the analysis of the experimental article titled [Article Title]. By critically evaluating the methodology, results, discussion, innovation, strengths, limitations, and implications of the study, this review aims to provide an in-depth assessment of the article’s contribution to the research field. Extensive analysis will ensure that any potential gaps, strengths, or limitations are addressed, paving the way for further research and advancements in the field.

Note: The attached article is required to complete the literature review thoroughly.