Discussion for Unit Seven – Chapters 13 and 14 Chapter 13 – Personality Here are some questions to use as a starting point for discussion. feel free to discuss any

Discussion for Unit Seven – Chapters 13 and 14 Chapter 13 – Personality Here are some questions to use as a starting point for discussion.  feel free to discuss any other material that you feel is relevant and interests you.  In addition, respond to, at least, one or two posts from other students. 1.  do you think of Freud’s psychoanalytic theory?  Although he was a maverick and leader in describing personality, his theory has been criticized by today’s standards.  Discuss the pros and cons of his theory and give examples to support your point of view. 2.  Discuss the Five-Factor Model of personality, and how you think it applies to you and your real-life choices and behaviors, such as mate preferences and career endeavors. 3.  If you were a personality psychologist, which assessment(s) do you think would appeal to you the most?  Discuss the reasons why, and how you would use them in your work, either in research and/or therapy. Chapter 14 – Psychological Disorders 1.  Our textbook mentions some of the common myths concerning mental illness.  are your opinions about these myths? 2.  In general, people in creative professions have been found to be no more likely to suffer from psychological disorders than people with other career endeavors.  The exception is bipolar disorder.  Discuss why you think bipolar disorder has been found to be more common in scientists, artists and authors. 3.  Discuss some of the gender and/or cultural differences in the field of mental health.  Why do you think they exist?  is the distinction between culture-general and culture-bound symptoms of psychological disorders? Apply it to your discussion. 4.  A recent report from the New York City Health Department indicates that mental illness is far more prevalent than people realize.  One in five adult New Yorkers experience a mental health disorder in any given year.  Major depressive disorder is the single most common source of disability in NYC.  Why do you think this is the case in NYC?  They say new programs will be available in the near future.  do you think they will be, and how do you think they will treat New Yorkers with mental health problems? read attachment of the overview of chapter 13and 14, then answer the questions. Is a college psychology online class discussion, so don’t have to use really complicated words and each question answer in 2-3 sentences. Purchase the answer to view it

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