*First, Discuss topic in . *Second, make of at least 100 words for each paragraph provided below. For your paragraph and replies, you should support

*First, Discuss topic in . *Second, make of at least 100 words for each    paragraph provided below. For your paragraph and replies, you  should     support your assertions with at least 1 source and accompanying     citations in APA format. Acceptable sources include the textbook,     reputable websites, and the Bible. A wireless laptop is trying to connect to a printer via a LAN. The  laptop can find the printer, but cannot connect to it. How would you  best troubleshoot the problem? “When troubleshooting printers first isolate the problem” (Andrews,  Dark, & West, 2017). When a wireless laptop is trying to connect via  a LAN and can find the printer, but cannot connect the first thing I  would try the simple as with any technical problems. The first step is  to make sure the printer is turned on and not idle. Many times I have  been able to connect to a computer but because my printer was asleep I  could not get something to print. After checking this I would check  connections and make sure all the connections to the printer and laptop  are securely placed. If wireless connection I would make sure that both  devices are connected to the same wireless network and all the setting  match. I would make sure the IP address for the printer is the correct  address in the laptop. After I have taken all these steps if the printer  still can not connect I would restart both the printer and laptop and  again check all the connections. After restarting all the devices and  making sure everything is connected properly if the problem still  exists I would next troubleshoot the printer and see if that indicates  what the problem is. If the problem is not identified I would next check  to see if I can connect to another printer. If I can connect to another  printer then I know the problem is with the printer I am using and  would then try to isolate the problem by checking all the settings are  correct on the printer. “When a printer does not  print, the problem can be caused by the printer, the computer hardware  or Windows, the application using the printer cable, or the network”.  (Andrews, West, & Dark, 2017). When troubleshooting issues with  connecting to a network printer I would check all possibilities involved  by talking with the user to find out what works and what does not work.  First, I would check to make sure that the printer is online.  Then  make sure the computer is on and connected to the network.  I would also  check to make sure that it is the correct printer being selected.  I  would also check for any error messages. Checking if the printer has  paper, toner and the correct ink levels are something that I would also  look into. After checking the print queue, I would reboot the computer  and then uninstall and reinstall the printer. The last thing I would  check is to make sure the drivers are up to date and that there are no  firewall issues as this could be additional problems. “Specific  troubleshooting solutions will vary depending on your printer model, but  once you understand some common issues, you can quickly search and find  fixes to your unit. Manufacturers offer online resources to you  work through your most troubling printer issues”. (Brown, 2019).

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