For this Assignment, review the “Cortez Multimedia” case st…

For this Assignment, review the “Cortez Multimedia” case study, and identify a target behavior or issue that needs to be ameliorated, decreased, or increased. In a 2- to 4-page report, complete the following:


In this report, we will analyze the case study of “Cortez Multimedia” and identify a specific target behavior or issue that needs to be improved, reduced, or increased. We will provide a comprehensive analysis of the factors contributing to this behavior and propose potential solutions to address the issue. The aim is to ensure a sustainable and positive change in the organization.

Target Behavior or Issue

After reviewing the case study, it is evident that the major issue in Cortez Multimedia is the high turnover rate among employees. This target behavior is concerning as it negatively impacts the overall productivity, profitability, and effectiveness of the organization. In order to resolve this issue, it is important to delve into the underlying factors contributing to this behavior.

Analysis of Factors

Several factors play a role in the high turnover rate at Cortez Multimedia. Firstly, the lack of effective communication channels and a clear vision from top-level management leads to confusion and uncertainty among employees. This lack of clarity creates an unfavorable work environment, where employees feel undervalued and disconnected from the organization’s goals. Consequently, this dissatisfaction prompts employees to seek opportunities elsewhere, resulting in high turnover.

Secondly, the absence of proper employee training and development programs is another key factor contributing to the high turnover rate. Employees at Cortez Multimedia do not have access to adequate resources and opportunities for skill enhancement, which makes them feel stagnant in their professional growth. This lack of growth and development further demotivates employees, leading to a higher likelihood of turnover.

Thirdly, the limited financial incentives and rewards for employees at Cortez Multimedia also contribute to the high turnover rate. While monetary compensation is not the sole motivator for employees, it is an important factor in retaining talent. The absence of competitive salary packages and performance-based bonuses deters employees from staying with the organization in the long term.

Additionally, the organizational culture at Cortez Multimedia does not foster a supportive and inclusive work environment. This lack of positive culture and poor leadership makes it difficult for employees to feel engaged and motivated. The absence of employee recognition programs and opportunities for professional growth further exacerbates the poor work culture, leading to increased turnover.

Potential Solutions

In order to address the high turnover rate at Cortez Multimedia, it is crucial to implement effective solutions that tackle each of the contributing factors identified above. Firstly, top-level management should prioritize effective communication by establishing clear channels for information dissemination and fostering open dialogue with employees. Regular communication and transparent leadership will help create a sense of belonging and shared goals and reduce confusion and uncertainty.

Secondly, implementing comprehensive employee training and development programs is essential. Providing employees with opportunities to enhance their skills and grow professionally will not only improve their job satisfaction but also make them feel valued and invested in the organization’s success. This can include mentorship programs, skill-based training workshops, and career development plans tailored to individual employee needs.

Thirdly, it is vital to review and revise the compensation and rewards system at Cortez Multimedia. Conducting salary benchmarks with industry standards and implementing performance-based bonuses will incentivize employees to stay longer with the organization. Additionally, introducing non-monetary rewards such as recognition programs, employee of the month awards, and team-building activities will contribute to a positive work culture and motivate employees to stay with the organization.


In conclusion, the high turnover rate at Cortez Multimedia is a significant issue that needs urgent attention. By addressing the contributing factors such as ineffective communication, lack of training opportunities, limited financial incentives, and poor organizational culture, the organization can effectively decrease turnover. Implementation of solutions focused on effective communication, comprehensive employee training, competitive compensation, and a positive work culture will pave the way for a sustainable and successful organization. It is crucial for Cortez Multimedia to invest in its employees and create an environment that fosters growth, engagement, and job satisfaction.