Having created and revised your outline in Milestone Two, you will now create the visual facet of your presentation. Keep in mind that your voice will be the primary carrier

Having created and revised your outline in Milestone Two, you will now create the visual facet of your presentation. Keep in mind that your voice will be the primary carrier of your message and that visuals play a supporting role. You want your voice and visuals to work together and not compete for attention, so you should minimize the number of words on each slide and maximize the use of visual elements, including photos, illustrations, and graphs. ASSIGNMENT/PAPER The idea of wellness as been shaped by social science in various ways, in the topic of focus, stress, there exist social practices forums with the objective to discuss the significance of wellness (Kerzner, 2013). This consequently brings out the desire for the people to manifest appreciation for a stress-free society. Also, due to the idea of wellness, the society has further acknowledged activities which aim at promoting wellness at large. The stress discussion thus shapes the concept of wellness. Through learning the various effects of stress on different life occasions, one can come up with the aspect of stress management skills (Kerzner, 2013). This, therefore, enhances our understanding regarding what impacts stress has to the people facing the issue. The concept of wellness thus grows from an individual perception of the general impact of the society. Emphasizing on wellness, therefore, aims at influencing on change, particularly to everyday behaviors of individual’s and the general community (Fridrich, et al. 2015). Through frequent emphasis, people have consequently established it has a culture. As a result, upholding wellness has become a responsibility of every individual within the society. In this case, emphasis on the detrimental effects of stress has lead to the members of the community devising various mechanisms of managing the issue of personal stress once they are in such as situation. The promotion of wellness has significantly influenced people behavior during the course of study. Most them are therefore demonstrating professionalism in their approach to handling the rising cases of stress. Besides, their approach to handling situations of others affected by stress depicts their application of course work. They tackle issues of stress occurrence like a case of a disorder, which hence requires a systematic approach in the process of handling the victims. The topic focusing on stress has resulted in both negative and positive impacts. It has generated the perception that individuals in other disciplines are in a higher position of suffering from stress in comparison to others (Girdano,  et al., 2012). As a result, it has led to a state of discomfort, particularly to those who view it as just a case of an assumption. However, it has positively impacted many individuals, particularly because the knowledge of the subject has resulted in the development of new approaches for handling stress, thus improving their wellness. Besides, it has created awareness of new technologies which can be adopted during stress management, which mainly includes, forms of games, instruments, as well as exercising to minimize stress levels. The existence of the stress issue has been for along. It presently affects and will continue affecting people of all forms, as well as communities within different countries. It is often a kind of a disorder which is attributed to pressure among individuals (Kerzner, 2013). Moreover, various aspects may give rise to stress, leading to a state of sadness, depression and unfavorable mood on the affected persons, with the issue being handled mainly through stress management process. The target populations are the university students, who are often susceptible to the issue of stress. However, through the knowledge of stress management approaches, as well as the negative impacts of stress, such cases will be significantly minimized (Fridrich, et al. 2015). The stress management strategies will, therefore, lead to an improved state of wellness. References Fridrich, A., Jenny, G. J., & Bauer, G. F. (2015). Decreasing Response Rates in Employee Health Surveys: Findings from a Longitudinal Stress-Management Project in the Workplace. In (pp. 183-190). Springer Netherlands. Girdano, D., Dusek, D. E., & Everly Jr, G. S. (2012). . Pearson gher Ed. Kerzner, H. R. (2013). . John Wiley & Sons.

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