I need my paper to be about lives matter, and give Articula…

I need my paper to be about lives matter, and  give Articulate a specific dilemma in a situation faced by a particular person based on that topic. The situation can be real or fictional.

Title: The Articulation of Dilemmas in the Lives Matter Movement


The Lives Matter movement has brought to the forefront issues of racial inequality, social justice, and systemic oppressions faced by marginalized communities. As an analytical exploration of the topic, this paper aims to articulate a specific dilemma within the Lives Matter movement, highlighting a situation faced by a particular individual. This dilemma may be real or fictional, shedding light on the complexities and challenges that arise within this multifaceted movement.

The Lives Matter Dilemma:

The Lives Matter mantra has sparked various debates and conversations, and while the central focus has been on racial inequalities faced by African Americans, the movement has expanded to encompass the experiences of other marginalized communities as well. Consequently, a myriad of dilemmas have emerged within this movement, necessitating a nuanced analysis of the challenges faced by individuals who identify with the Lives Matter cause.

One specific dilemma that arises within the Lives Matter movement is the conflict between activism and personal priorities. Activism, at its core, requires individuals to commit significant time and effort to advocate for change, often demanding personal sacrifices. This dilemma is exemplified by the fictional character of Maya Carter, an African American woman who works as a lawyer in a predominantly white law firm.

Maya Carter’s Dilemma:

Maya Carter is an accomplished lawyer who has dedicated her career to fighting for social justice and equality. She feels an intense obligation to contribute to the Lives Matter movement, recognizing the urgency of dismantling systemic racism within the legal system. Maya is committed to creating a change in the world, striving to ensure a better future for generations to come.

However, Maya’s personal life and professional aspirations also demand a substantial amount of her time and energy. Working in a white-dominated law firm, Maya constantly faces microaggressions, subtle biases, and significant challenges in upward mobility. Despite these obstacles, Maya understands the importance of advancing her career and gaining influence within the legal system, as she believes that holding positions of power can amplify her voice and pave the way for structural change.

As Maya grapples with these conflicting priorities, she is confronted with a dilemma: Should she completely devote herself to activism, potentially risking her professional growth and stability? Alternatively, should she prioritize her career, hoping that achieving a position of influence will ultimately enhance her impact on the Lives Matter movement?

Nuancing the Dilemma:

Maya’s dilemma exemplifies the tension faced by many individuals involved in the Lives Matter movement. On one hand, there is a pressing moral obligation and a sense of duty to actively engage in activism, dedicating time to protest, organizing community initiatives, and advocating for policy changes. On the other hand, personal goals and professional aspirations, such as climbing up the corporate ladder or achieving influential positions, are considered critical strategies to leverage change from within the existing power structures.

The dilemma faced by individuals like Maya is further compounded by the systemic barriers present in various industries and institutions. African Americans, particularly women, face significant obstacles in securing positions of power and influence. The struggle for representation and equitable opportunities within predominantly white spaces often becomes an additional battle that individuals like Maya must fight alongside their larger fight against racial injustice.


The Lives Matter movement has given rise to numerous dilemmas, reflecting the multifaceted challenges experienced by individuals engaged in activism. Maya Carter’s fictional story encapsulates the tension between dedicating one’s efforts entirely to activism or balancing personal aspirations with the desire to effect change. This particular dilemma provides a significant context through which to understand the complexities faced by individuals within the Lives Matter movement. By analyzing and discussing these dilemmas, we gain insight into the nuances of activism and the various choices individuals must make to navigate the path towards racial justice and equality.