I want you to fill the peer review article guide up, from t…

I want you to fill the peer review article guide up,  from the research the i attatched pictures of. If you do it perfect I will ask you to do the research project wich is due next week.

Title: A Review of the Effects of [Research Topic] on [Target Population]

[Provide a brief summary of the article, highlighting the main objectives, methods used, and key findings.]

[Begin by providing an introduction to the research topic and its significance. Discuss the impact and relevance of the topic on the target population. Briefly mention the research methods used and state the main objectives of the study.]

[Detail the research methods employed in the study, including the sample size, data collection procedures, and any statistical analyses used. Discuss the strengths and limitations of the methodology.]

[Present the main findings of the study, including any significant correlations, trends, or effects observed. Use appropriate statistical measures to support the findings.]

[Analyze and interpret the results in the context of existing literature. Discuss any discrepancies between the current study and previous research. Provide possible explanations for the observed effects and offer suggestions for future research.]

[Summarize the key findings and their implications for the target population. Present any practical applications or recommendations arising from the study.]

[List all sources cited in the article using the appropriate referencing format.]

Please note that due to the limited information provided, this guide serves as a general outline for a peer review article on the topic. To complete this assignment effectively, you will need to provide more specific details about the research, such as the research question, sample characteristics, data collection methods, and results.