I’m working on a art Research Paper and need a sample draft to me learn. This essay fulfills the course requirement to conduct written research on a work of art

I’m working on a art Research Paper and need a sample draft to me learn. This essay fulfills the course requirement to conduct written research on a work of art or architecture, . This work of art or architecture must be from the period covered in . Your topic does not have to be covered in the textbook, but it should be from the period of . In your paper, you must provide a clear thesis and demonstrate your support for that thesis in your research. This assignment combines the required skills necessary for investigating a work of art, and the necessity of actually seeing those objects to that research. Therefore, in this assignment, you will be required to write about a work of art you have seen in person. For area museums that you can visit, access the link below. You must use this to access the following credible academic sources on the basis of your research: Websites and encyclopedic entries will not be counted as appropriate research sources. is provided for you through the Research Resource Guide are the required, credible, peer-reviewed sources you will need for this assignment. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of any of your sources, ask the instructor. Earlier in the class, you researched a work of art or architecture and discussed your findings in a Research Essay. Research Powerpoint will compile the important points of your research into a presentation for your classmates. You will lead a bullet-point discussion on the style, context, content, purpose of your chosen work and offer some insight into the use of formal analysis. During your discussion, you should not only introduce the basic facts of the work but give consideration to the following: You may also include any other methodology for discussion that you think applies or is interesting, such as a psychological analysis, a feminist response, politics, science, etc. You may choose any application to create your presentation, but it must be in the format of a slide show and saved as a .ppt or .pptx file. Your presentation must include both images and bullet points to explain your artwork. This is an observational project. Your observations should be illuminated by the material from class, but outside research is required and should be utilized through the Research Resource link. Research findings must be properly cited and must be properly credited in your last slide. use MLA format. (See ) A typical project will (ie. sculpture in the round, complementary colors, abstraction, etc.) and possibly providing some background about the artist (but not more than 1 slide). You should address how the form and content are interacting (ie. Does the artist’s choice of medium enhance or detract from the narrative/subject or the message they are sending to the viewer?). The content includes the narrative or story that is conveyed in the artwork. The rest of the project should be spent revealing new insights into the work that goes beyond the textbook. This is the essential findings of your research. You may want to talk about the work’s significance – how it may be a political statement or shows an innovative style, for example. Feel free to compare your work to other works from this time frame, by the same artist or others. You can show historical photographs or diagram material that to illustrate your points. Feel free to also incorporate videos into your slides. I suggest the following organization: Slide 1: Title slide Slide 2: An image of your selected artwork (with artist, title, date, location) Slide 3: Bullet points describing your artwork Slide 4: More bullet points describing your artwork Slide 5: Image of detail(s)of your artwork, or background of the artist Slide 6: Bullet points describing the significance of the work Slide 7: Image comparison artworks Slide 8: Bullet points describing the comparison Slide 9: More bullet points describing the comparison Slide 10: Other images (different views of your artwork or historical images related to its context) Slide 11: Bullet points summarizing your major ideas Slide 12: Footnotes/Works Cited , rt, , , , , ,

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