In this assignment, you will create a summary report on a topic relating to Information Systems that has impacted a business decision or served prominently

In this assignment, you will create a summary report on a topic  relating to Information Systems that has impacted a business decision or  served prominently as a solution utilized by an enterprise. The idea  here is to locate timely, newsworthy data relating to the latest  developments in Information Systems. You will evaluate and synthesize  your new-found data and post a summary of the current event in a  Discussion forum to share the knowledge gained with your  peers. The data that you post as well as the opinions, comments and  conclusions posted in responses by your peers can serve to increase the  knowledge database available to the class for the Research Project. This IS Technology Current Event assignment requires the  utilization of APA style formatting. The APA style requirements for  this IS Technology Current Event assignment is no different  than those for the written document assignments when you have  “borrowed” data from a source, whether the source is the course textbook  or an outside source. Review the page for detailed information, tutorials, and examples of APA style formatting. note that your instructor may also post modifications or additional requirements for this IS Technology Current Event assignment in the Canvas message Inbox or Announcements. Your instructor will evaluate and grade this IS Technology  Current Event assignment using the IS Technology Current Event Rubric. Purchase the answer to view it

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