My topic chose is : Should the United States provide Universal healthcare ? Start by thinking about the different topics associated with a given subject category; then examine the debatable

My topic chose is : Should the United States provide Universal healthcare ? Start by thinking about the different topics associated with a given subject category;  then examine the debatable issues in your topic ; then think about the different points of view and perspectives;  then develop your thesis.  A good way to visualize this is Subject  Themes  Issues  Debates  Points of view  Thesis The domains I have provided are very large (and may have significant overlaps).  You have to reduce them in order to be able to write a questionable claim (a thesis).  Remember that you will have to take a stand in the debate;  your thesis statement should clarify where you stand and what you stand for, so it should be crafted narrowly. The essay you write should be both informative and compelling.  This means that you are expected to be fully aware of the topic and set a position on it.  Your essay should start with a clear thesis statement (a clearly stated statement, assertion, or proposition). Example: Topics: Topics: Issues: Environment and technology Alternative energy sources (for example, nuclear, solar, hydroelectric and natural gas) Coal and petroleum are associated with global warming.  Nuclear, solar, hydro and natural gas energy are potentially better alternatives Debates: Points of view: Thesis: Natural gas production has increased due to hydraulic fracturing (hydraulic fracturing), but this has raised concerns about the process’s effects on land and water in local communities. “Natural gas is a cheap and clean alternative to coal and oil” or “Fracking is bad for the environment” The process of extracting natural gas – known as hydraulic fracturing – has many negative consequences, including poisoning the groundwater in the area and causing multiple earthquakes, making it even more damaging to  environment than the use of petroleum or coal. Note that this thesis statement offers a claim that would simply require you to demonstrate, with evidence, that hydraulic fracturing is more damaging to the environment. You can also write a thesis that is more of a policy claim (i.e. advocates for action).  It might read more like this: “Although natural gas is a cleaner fuel than oil and coal, the extraction process – known as hydraulic fracturing – is ultimately even more damaging to the environment and therefore should be banned.  ” important: Your brainstorming should also include a counter-argument – a point of view different from yours.  You can see words like opposing point of view, opposition, objection and no;  these are all terms for a counter-argument.  When you insert a counter-argument into your argumentation essay, you are essentially doing a preemptive strike by anticipating objections an opposing party might raise and exposing its weaknesses. Successful counter-arguments always include a rebuttal.  A rebuttal or rebuttal is a paragraph that comes after the counter-argument and refutes it.  In other words, the rebuttal paragraph explains why the opposing view is incomplete, problematic, or just plain wrong. You will support and defend your thesis with the information and evidence gathered in your research, so be sure to examine your topic from different angles and carefully consider any controversies or debates that may surround it. Purchase the answer to view it

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