My week 2 rough draft is attached for your reference and the…

My week 2 rough draft is attached for your reference and the week 5 instruction is also attached. please read the instruction so you will know how to complete the week 5 assignment.


In this paper, we will analyze the week 2 rough draft and discuss the instructions for the week 5 assignment. By examining both the draft and the instructions, we will gain a deeper understanding of the requirements for the upcoming assignment and how to approach it.

Week 2 Rough Draft Analysis

The week 2 rough draft serves as a starting point for the week 5 assignment. It provides a foundational understanding of the topic and allows for initial exploration and development of ideas. To evaluate the draft, we will consider its structure, content, clarity, and overall coherence.


The structure of the week 2 rough draft is a crucial element in effectively conveying ideas. It is important to ensure that the paper has a clear introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. The introduction should provide a concise overview of the topic and present a well-defined thesis statement. Additionally, the body paragraphs should present coherent arguments and support them with appropriate evidence, while the conclusion should summarize the key points and offer a final perspective.


The content of the rough draft should reflect a deep understanding of the topic and demonstrate the writer’s ability to analyze and synthesize information. The arguments put forth should be supported by relevant sources and logical reasoning. Additionally, the draft should showcase the writer’s ability to critically engage with the literature and identify gaps or areas for further exploration. A strong rough draft will include a rich variety of ideas and compelling evidence to support them.


Clarity is vital in academic writing to ensure that the ideas are effectively communicated to the reader. The week 2 rough draft should have clear and concise sentences, coherent paragraphs, and logical transitions between ideas. The writer should strive to eliminate any ambiguity or confusion that may hinder the reader’s understanding. Proper organization and use of language will help ensure that the paper is accessible and presents a clear argument.

Overall Coherence

The overall coherence of the rough draft refers to how well the ideas flow and connect throughout the paper. A coherent draft will have a logical progression of ideas, with each paragraph building upon the previous one and leading to the next. Transitions between paragraphs and sections should be smooth and seamless, helping the reader follow the writer’s train of thought. The writer should also ensure that the arguments presented are consistent and aligned with the thesis statement.

Week 5 Assignment Instructions

To successfully complete the week 5 assignment, it is crucial to thoroughly understand the instructions provided. By carefully reading the instructions, we can identify the specific requirements and expectations for the assignment. Let’s examine the key aspects of the week 5 instructions:

1. Topic Selection: The instructions should specify the requirements for choosing a topic for the assignment. It may provide a list of recommended topics or provide guidelines for selecting a topic independently. Understanding the topic selection process will help guide our research and writing.

2. Research Requirements: The instructions will outline the research expectations for the assignment. This may include the minimum number of sources, the type of sources to consult (e.g., peer-reviewed articles, books, etc.), and any specific databases or search engines to utilize. Properly conducting research is essential for providing a comprehensive and well-informed analysis.

3. Formatting and Citations: The instructions will likely specify the required formatting style (e.g., APA, MLA) and citation guidelines. It is crucial to adhere to these requirements in order to maintain academic integrity and properly acknowledge sources.

4. Word Limit and Organization: The instructions should indicate the expected length of the assignment and provide guidelines for organizing the content. Understanding the word limit and expected structure will help ensure that the paper is neither too lengthy nor too concise, while also being well-organized and coherent.


In this analysis, we have examined the week 2 rough draft and discussed the instructions for the week 5 assignment. By critically evaluating the structure, content, clarity, and overall coherence of the draft, we have gained insights into areas for improvement. Additionally, by understanding the requirements outlined in the week 5 instructions, we are better prepared to approach the upcoming assignment. Building upon the strengths of the rough draft and addressing its weaknesses in line with the assignment instructions, we can work towards creating a strong final paper.