Part I Go to the following links and review the two advertisements. of the ads and evaluate whether or not the ad effectively measures up

Part I Go to the following links and review the two advertisements. of the ads and evaluate whether or not the ad effectively measures up to the characteristics of a technical document based on your reading of Chapter 1. note that I am not merely asking whether or not you the commercial; you are to showcase your understanding of the reading through your analysis of the ad. Part II Identify what part of the ad fails to abide by the Principles for Ethical Communication or contains unethical techniques as outlined in Chapter 2. How might the information have been presented more accurately. 5:08 n/a – 11/10/16 Myles Jordan must communicate effectively to his staff. A part of his job duties as Vice President of Marketing requires him to write memos to his team. These memorandaare, in turn, reviewed by company CEO, Brad Goodeye. Part 1 – After you have read Chapter 14, analyze and respond to the written memo listed below, citing prominent errors of the memorandum. or copying classmates’ posts.  Include whether you believe this is an effective technical document and why. Part 2 – Should Mr. Jordan be removed from his duties as VP of Marketing? Support your position with concrete reasoning that (not simply “yes” or “no”) and respond to another student’s posting ( ).  Your response to your peer should move beyond “I agree” or “I disagree” and add depth to the discussion. Date: March 23, 2013To: Lucia Smith, Manager, MarketingFrom: Mr. Myles Jordan, Vice President, MarketingSubject: Need Dear Lucia,In all probability, you probably know that the Marketing Division has the responsibility of planning the fall training conference to be held in Miami. Here are the speakers I have liked up for the training sessions. I’m thinking that on Tuesday, October 11, we sill have Marley A. Moody. Her scheduled topic is “Using E-Mail and IM Effectively.” Jackson J. Huggins said he could speak to our group on October 12 (Wednesday). “Leading Groups and Teams” is the topic for Huggins. The last speaker is Sebastian Estrada, scheduled for Thursday, October 13. Here are their email addresses–Estrada: Huggins: Moody: , you can us make this one of the best traininsessions ever if you will do your job right. I need you to send each of these people an e-mail and confirm the dates and topics. Due to the fact that we must print the schedules soon, I will need this done asap! President Obama has commissioned everyone to work hard. I expect you to do the same. Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions. Sincerely,Myles Jordan 11 04

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