Post your top 5 informative presentation topics of choice (#1 first choice, #2, #3, #4, #5). reference the class demographic data to see what topics may interest the class the

Post your top 5 informative presentation topics of choice (#1 first choice, #2, #3, #4, #5). reference the class demographic data to see what topics may interest the class the most. In your post, explain the following for each of your prospective topic choices: • Subject:  area would you like to explore for this topic? • Topic: This should be a more specific aspect of your subject – it should not be broad. • Specific Speech Topic Title: This should include what you plan to educate the audience (as well as yourself) on your topic matter. • Credibility statement:  Provide a short explanation about why you chose your topic and your personal experience with the content. This can be any prior or current educational experience, first-hand personal experience, future career interest, etc. Examples: • Subject: Medical Emergency Procedures • Topic: Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) • Specific Speech Topic Title: The history of CPR and how to perform the procedure on adults, children, and yourself. • Credibility Statement: I chose to do my presentation on CPR because I have been certified consecutively for the last 5 years through the American Red Cross Foundation and I once had to perform the procedure on a family member which saved their life. • Subject: Astrophysics. • Topic: The topic is Black Holes. • Specific Speech Topic Title: To infinity and beyond – a guide to Black Holes. I would talk to my audience about the formation of black holes, basic aspects, theories etc. • Credibility statement:  The reason for choosing this topic was based on my interest in Astrophysics. I have attended a few seminars on Astrophysics and quantum mechanics in high school. These seminars not only astonished me but also ed develop a deep interest in this area. In my free time, I often research new discoveries and theories in this area. Thus, my personal interests encourage me to share the theories and history of black holes. • Subject: American story • Topic: 2000 Presidential Election • Specific Speech Topic Title: An analysis and aftermath of the 2000 Election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. • Credibility Statement: Ever since I was younger, I always found it interesting how people remember this election, and how there are two stories. I would be puzzled when someone told me Gore was the real winner, or how Bush was the correct winner. It prompted me to spend time looking into this; especially after 2020 • Subject: Chronic Illness • Topic: Diabetes • Title: Type 1 Diabetes • Credibility Statement: My sister was diagnosed with type one diabetes many years ago. My family’s lives have changed drastically since she has been diagnosed and I would love to share about how to deal with this sort of disease and inform the audience more about it. This is a topic that many people are misinformed about. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ As you come up with prospective topics, think about the following questions: • Do not use words or phrases such as, “you should, benefits, better than” etc. – these phrases are biased/persuasive, not informative • Is my prospective topic subjective (opinion based) or objective (fact based) • Is my topic specific enough to find valid research that can support the content matter • Think of the audience – what are their interests, areas of expertise, demographic characteristics, etc. • Think of your personal interests, knowledge, and experiences • Identify any unique events or relevant news the audience may/or may not be aware of (but should care about) • Make a decision and All students should post your FIVE (5) prospective topics including the subject, topic, specific speech topic title, and credibility statement by the assignment due date. This assignment is not required to be 300-words or more. For additional assistance on topic ideas, see video below: Topics that CANNOT be chosen: American professional sports (basketball, football, baseball, hockey, soccer, volleyball) Stress and college students FOMO (fear of missing out) Social media addiction Mental health disorders (OCD, bipolar affective disorder, bulimia, paranoia, depression, anxiety, etc.) CTE (concussions) Electric vehicles Recycling Positive thinking Music therapy Benefits of drinking water Benefits of traveling Benefits of exercise Benefits of sleep Benefits of traveling Effects of smoking (tobacco, marijuana, etc.) Effects of video games Effects of caffeine Conspiracy theories ADHD How to start a business How to eat healthy How to manage your money/time Car maintenance (how to change oil, tires, etc.) COVID-19 How to build a computer gh School issues (school uniforms, online vs. in-person learning, curriculum, etc.)

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