Respond substantively (150 to 175 words) to at least two classmates who chose different actors or different categories than you did. In your responses, reference your initial post and show

Respond substantively (150 to 175 words) to at least two classmates who chose different actors or different categories than you did. In your responses, reference your initial post and show how your ideas relate to those of your peers, extending the discussion. Provide support for your position. Substantive responses use theory, research, experience, and/or examples to support ideas and elaborate on the discussion topic. respond to both discussion answering the following question above. Hello Class, The film I chose is The actors in this film that I chose to write about are Alex bbert, who played the younger version of Chiron, Jharrel Jerome, who played Kevin at the age of 16, and Mahershala Ali, who played Juan. The style of Alex bbert in this film is a vulnerable, scared little boy who is lost, trying to find who he was and his identity in this world. He was bullied throughout his life and felt alone, trying to fit in, in different phases of his life. Jharrel Jerome style in this film was a confident, tough, and fearless teenager who shared an intimate relationship with the main character (Chiron). Mahershala Ali played a drug dealer who became a father figure for Chiron, a wise, caring man with a strong character. Relating their performance to other films, they all play important roles in other films, using the platform for change and opening sympathy through films, relating to real-life situations that can impact other people’s life to spread awareness of it. For example, Alex bbert played in also trying to find his identity and trying to do the right thing, Jharrel Jerome played in , as one of the young teenagers who got falsely accused of a crime, showing his strength, courage, and determination throughout the film. Each of the actors played realistic acting, showing genuine human action and reaction, allowing the audience to feel and understand real-life events. Each of the actor’s choices impacted the development of each character because each stage of growing up required a different version of each character, and the actor’s fit well in the sense of showing vulnerability, fitting in as teenagers, and trying to figure out the world around them, acting tough, or scared to defend themselves. ( This scene is realistic acting when Mahershala Ali (Juan) actually teaching Alex bbert (Little Chiron) how to swim in real life. ) I consider Jharell Jerome Character as typecast, the clips below show similarities in his performance from different films. Reference: Game of Clips. (2019, June 10). When They See Us 2019 S01: Episode 4: Scene Prison. [Video]. Lewis Perez (2017, February 27). Moonlight (2016) “Fight Scene”. [Video]. Moonlight. Cinetheek. (2016). [Photograph]. The movie I chose is . This movie had an excellent cast line up including Tom Hanks, Matt Damen, and Vin Deisel. In this film, Tom Hanks is the strong leader, a role he plays in most of his movies. Some other examples are and . Matt Damen is usually a wise older man in the body of a baby-faced young male. A great example is . Finally, Vin Deisel following in his usual role of a tough, big-muscled, non-listening character who tends to do what he wants no matter the consequences. Their casting fits well as we are used to the characters having similar roles, and as viewers, we know what to expect from their casted part. The costuming and makeup in the film are realistic and accurate to the period the movie is taking place. In addition, all of the actors have very similar attire as they are all soldiers with the same uniforms, other than their specif rank markings. Each character may have an extra item or short an item depending on their personality and what they would have brought with them during the travel. This costume approach also s us get to know the characters without them even speaking and shows that even the slightest change in attire can change our view of the characters. Vin Deisel sticks out as a type-casted actor. He is a big guy who is strong, with large muscles, and can typically beat up anyone who gets in his way. As stated before, almost all of his characters’ roles tend to break the rules and do their own thing. Other movie examples include the Fast and the Furious series, , and . Vin Diesel Clips:

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