The article/study identifies two major categories of response by social workers that are not ful. These are labeled as “disenchantment through avoidance” and “disenchantment through action.” The article goes on

The article/study identifies two major categories of response by social workers that are not ful.  These are labeled as “disenchantment through avoidance” and “disenchantment through action.”  The article goes on to list several scenarios under these two broad headings in which these conditions occur. A) For this post, choose two (2) of the scenarios. List each scenario (i.e. Redefining the woman’s version as questionable”) then summarize how it impacted the women’s experience or behavior (i.e. they learned to tell an unassailable story”).  Discuss what you could do to improve your capacity for effective response to survivors and what actions you could take to avoid the negative impacts of this response.  Use the “Implications for Practice” section in the article to support your solution(s). B) Use APA format. Cite properly to the article, and any other materials or readings from the course.  Synthesize this information and connect other materials to this article. C) Comment on one other post, and connect it to your insights from this exercise, with the goal of sharing and supporting each other toward competent and effective response to survivors of abuse.  Use evidence-based sources to support your statements.  “I like your post” or “It’s a good post” are not acceptable responses.  Explain or quote what statements you agree with from the original poster, and then explain why you agree or support it and use citations to the course materials to back it up.  You shouldn’t agree or support it unless you have an evidence-based reason for doing so.  Likewise, you can challenge a statement or position, and use course materials/third party sources to support that.  But do so respectively.  Use this forum to have a high-level discussion which is rooted in research with only supported statements cited to their sources.  Experts can disagree, but they need to back up why so a principled meaningful discussion can take place.  I want to see that you’ve researched your positions using peer-reviewed sources. TO BE CLEAR:  I’m not looking for your personal recommendations or to see if you have a sense of what effective response looks like from your personal experience.  I’m SPECIFICALLY looking for your ability to link and adopt recommendations from the literature to support your positions in favor of or in opposition to what is being shared.  So make it clear in your response which practices from the implications section you are adopting to address each scenario, and cite to course materials or third-party peer-reviewed research to support your statements.

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