This course requires one final paper to be completed by the end of the course. In this paper, you will develop an argument on a

This course requires one final paper to be completed by the end of the course. In this paper, you will develop an argument on a topic you choose in this stage. At a later stage, you will post a paper outline. Review the list of topics below and select one for your paper in this course: You may choose another topic not on this list, provided it similarly addresses an important issue facing a city, a state, or a nation. There is no expectation about which of the many sides of a contentious issue you may take. The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the quality of your argument based on reasoning, evidence, avoidance of fallacies, and plausibility. At this stage, you will identify your topic and a brief statement about why you selected this topic. Additionally, briefly summarize your current position on the topic, including a reason why you hold your position. Your topic selection does not need to be long. write about two to three sentences identifying your topic and why you’ve selected it, plus another two to three sentences explaining your initial position on the topic. You do not need sources for this stage, but for this and all written work, follow APA style guidelines. Post your topic selection as a Word document in the assignment submission folder. The paper topic will be graded pass/fail. This is the second stage after identifying a topic for your Final Paper, in which you will gather sources for your paper. In this stage, you to develop an annotated bibliography which is a list of sources you can use for your paper (along with notes about what each source says). The sources will shape your perspective and the argument you will be making. Your Annotated Bibliography will list at least four sources you can potentially use in your paper. These sources should be primary sources and/or peer-reviewed, scholarly secondary sources. For each of the four sources include the following information: There are resources available to you select and evaluate sources in this course. The “Additional Resources for Writing” page is intended for support for evaluating sources and citing sources using APA style. Submit this as a Word document (.doc or.docx file formats) into the assignment submission folder for feedback. Citations should be formatted according to APA formatting guidelines. Purchase the answer to view it Purchase the answer to view it

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