This is the second assignment in the Virtual Capstone Project. The AHIMA Engage Community has been accessed and has provided valuable information on coding production and quality coding standards. This

This is the second assignment in the Virtual Capstone Project. The AHIMA Engage Community has been accessed and has provided valuable information on coding production and quality coding standards. This information supports you as you continue to follow up with the CFO on Dr. Crowe’s physician income issue. The assignment in this module will use a Decision Matrix, which is a popular tool used to assist with complex business choices. This assignment contains four parts: To begin this assignment, first read the scenario below and then perform the steps in the four parts that follow. The Coding Unit Problem continues to develop. You realize that physician income is directly connected to coding which is part of your department. The status of the Coding Unit is as follows: Alyza obtains coding production and quality standard comparison information on from the AHIMA Engage Community. Using the standardized data and her own benchmarks, she compares the data to her current . Using database queries, she validates that all ten coders are meeting the production standards and then prepares a coding audit from the most recent 3 months to ensure her coders are meeting quality standards. The quality standard is set at 92% which is in line with data obtained from the Engage Community. As the Director of HIM you report the production and quality findings above to the CFO who is concerned and responds that he wants you to evaluate the possibility of outsourcing the coding work for physician office coders. The CFO went through a complete coding outsource at Rush Memorial and the financial results were very impressive. He further indicates that Fantasticode handled the coding outsource project, and their 15 years of coding experience ensured that the outsource project was successful. You review outsource decision criteria considerations with him which include 1) financial costs of physician coding, 2) benefit impact of existing coders, 3) years of coding experience, and in addition the CFO acknowledges that any staffing outsource at LiveWell will 4) impact the facility reputation. The CFO directs you to complete research, gather all information and report back with a recommendation in 30 days. He further directs you to keep your data gathering confidential and to work directly with Human Resources for data gathering. Suzanne, the HR Director, is prepared with data when you arrive to her office. She shares the following information with you: You use this information to complete Table 2 below to determine cost of the Coding Team. However, Suzanne was unable to provide complete information for you so she left a message with Benefits Specialist, Kathy, regarding one employee benefit, Short Term Disability. Kathy, in turn, left a voicemail with her reply. The HR director also contacts the Marketing/Public Relations department and requests a Public Relations evaluation. She asks “How will an outsourcing of employee work impact the reputation of LiveWell?” Suzanne doesn’t specify any type of employee, unit, or department. The marketing director provides the following response after a thorough analysis, and in Table 3 below you assign decision scores to the information for use in the Decision Matrix later in this assignment: Finally, Suzanne also offers you the short list below for benefit consideration which ideally will equate to the benefits that the physician coding employees currently receive at LiveWell. LiveWell benefits and those rated as “comparable” will be rated as a 2 in the . Benefits that exceed LiveWell’s will be rated as a 3, and benefits that fall below will be rated as a 1. After gathering all LiveWell employee information above, you proceed with data gathering from Coding Outsource Companies. To continue and complete the criteria consideration requested by the CFO, you confidentially contact a local coding company, Competent Coding Company (CCC) that you have used periodically over the last 4 years when the workload fell outside of turnaround guidelines. Additionally, a fellow professional whom you graduated from college with and have stayed in touch with uses Midwest HIM Professionals (MHP) which is a nationwide coding company. You request information from both companies and give them a 2 week deadline for the information. The CFO’s secretary calls you and tells you to expect a call from Fantasticode who will also bid on the physician office coding project. You place all gathered data from the coding companies in the table below. To complete data gathering for the decision matrix, you prepare Table 5 below which assigns a value to both the Cost Criteria and the Years in Service Criteria. Use data provided above in Tables 2, 3, 4, and 5 to complete the Decision Matrix below in Table 6. Then total up the scores and use the scoring result to make a recommendation to the CFO in your upcoming meeting. Type your entries into the Module 06 Virtual Capstone Project Template you started to complete in Part 1 of this assignment. Complete your submission for this assignment as follows:

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