This week we delved into the need to create urgency in order to support change efforts. In order to prompt people to act we must first create for them a

This week we delved into the need to create urgency in order to support change efforts. In order to prompt people to act we must first create for them a reason to want to act. In this discussion forum, you will explore the concept of persuasion. Read “Change Through Persuasion” then choose one element of persuasion that you feel is the most important (set the stage, create a frame, manage the mood, and prevent backsliding). Why do you feel that this element is the most important? Briefly summarize a situation that required change that exemplifies the element of persuasion you identified as the most important. actions did you or the change leaders take that displayed that element of persuasion? Was it effective? Why or why not? How does communication play a role in these elements? Select at least two different posts, write at least 150 words per reply  and address the following items in your responses: i. Choose the post of someone who also chose the same element that you did. additional insights or arguments can you add to support their opinion? ii. Choose the post of someone who chose a different element than you did. additional insights or arguments can you provide to change their mind in support of your favored element? In my opinion, change through persuasion has its positives and negatives ups and downs depending on the situation and who’s involved. In organizations change is a must when there times when the businesses are in a decline and losing profits which effects the overall operation as well as the employees falling into a stage of fear and not knowing which direction to go in as far as what can they do to get the business back in a smooth operation. Through change persuasion it can provide a positive space for positive improvement with all employees involved as a team to accomplish the goal which allows them to be a part of the problem and making efforts to deal with the challenge. It’s important to set the stage element of change through persuasion because it can be a positive step toward improving the organization as long as there’s understanding of what need to be done with all involved. Communication is crucial in change from top level leaders and managers to the lowest level employee in the organization. Example: Before retiring from active duty, there was a mission needed to be completed with my team and my assistant was my right hand but got promoted to Master Sergeant and was needed immediately to fill a position. This caused my leadership to make a decision approach in change persuasion with the Soldier new command to allow me to keep him for a brief period to ensure the next man up was ready for to take on the responsibilities because there was no time to bring another Soldier in from another location clearly in another country to complete the mission. It all worked out to hold on to the newly promoted Soldier for a period to train up the next Soldier and while in the process I received authorization to train up two Soldiers as an alternant just in case and it was an effective move and communication was key to success. I would have to say that the most important element for persuasion would be creating the frame work.  I do not think that anyone working in any organization wants to blind sided with change that will not only affect the organization as a whole, but at the same time affect employment.  Effective communication is key to having a good relationship with employees.  Kotter (2011) stated that leaders who effective will take the time to employees understand the change that is about to occur.  I believe that this stage also gives employees the opportunity to speak their mind about the change and maybe even have the opportunity to contribute to the plan.  As leaders we see certain problems, but never really understand and know the problems that affect workers at the lower levels. About a year and half ago I was transferred into an organization where I thought I was just going to step into a good structure.  After a few weeks and sitting down with the senior supervisor I realized that things needed to change.  I sat down with my Soldier, that had been there for a few months, and came up with plan to make the process of processing Soldier request easier and faster.  I ran the plan through all my supervisors to ensure that by passing them on some of these actions were not going to cause problems, and when I had to green light, we took action and presented it to everyone involved.  We took every action and put it down on paper to show each person involved in the change how the process looked and what the new process would be.  The plan we presented was not a full plan, because we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to add and remove what they believed would work best.  Kotter (2011) stated it best, we as leaders need to show our employees that the plan for change belongs to them.  We all work together to ensure Soldier request get processed in a timely manner.  We cannot control what happens above our level, but we can ensure the success of the processes at our levels. Kotter, J.P. (2011). HBR’s 10 must reads on change management. Harvard Business School Publishing. Boston, MA. Retrieved from

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