Use chapter 10 of your textbook to answer the following questions. Family problems relate to a ______ level. Many factors in a community can shape

Use chapter 10 of your textbook to answer the following questions. Family problems relate to a ______ level. Many factors in a community can shape a families norms and values. ☐ injustice ☐ maltreatment ☐ community ☐ invalid Children in ­­­­­­­­­­_____ families struggle more and are four times more likely to be poor in 2012 than those in _____ families. ☐ single- parent; two-parent ☐ heterosexual; homosexual-parent ☐ homosexual-parent; heterosexual-parent ☐ working; non-working The most important factor that s children get through a divorce is _____. ☐ making them mind ☐ ignoring them ☐ having someone who will listen to them and provide support ☐ having no friends Addiction and substance abuse have a significant impact on children and _____. ☐ neighbors ☐ families ☐ friends ☐ bosses The symptoms experienced by ________ have been compared to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a diagnosis of some individuals who have been exposed to severe trauma. ☐ battered women ☐ children ☐ teachers ☐ students Use chapter 11 of your textbook to answer the following questions. A key role of social services agencies and other community organizations is to provide _____. ☐ access to time ☐ natural support systems ☐ crisis promotion ☐ child care only In order to children, it’s important to _____. ☐ reduce therapy for them ☐ see them only at school ☐ ignore their tantrums ☐ see the children in their natural setting Mandatory reporters must report _____ to the authorities. ☐ bad attitudes ☐ child maltreatment ☐ academic grades ☐ work status When a report is filed with Child Protective Services, CPS _____. ☐ closes off the home ☐ scolds the parent ☐ arrests the child ☐ determines whether the children is being maltreated Recently, child placement agencies have begun placing children with _____. ☐ school teachers ☐ co-workers ☐ friends ☐ relatives and kin Answer the following questions. and in your own words a family preservation service. Type answer here how family preservation services can be beneficial in keeping families together. Type answer here why is it important for agencies like Child Protective Services to monitor the maltreatment of children. Type answer here a support service for an at-risk family and why its service is important to family strengthening. Type answer here and a factor that can lead to child abuse and neglect. Type answer here why it is important to identify the risk factor for child abuse you selected in the prior question. Type answer here Reflect on what you have learned this week to you respond to the question below. You may choose to respond in writing or by recording a video! Many family problems can affect children of the following family problems from the table below. how a family can be impacted by that type of problem what types of treatments or resources the family could be referred to in order to work through and solve the problem. Examples of Family Problems a. Addiction or substance misuse in families Type answer here b. Family and intimate partner violence Type answer here

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