You are an audit supervisor of Ali & Babs partnersand you are planning the audit of Little Angel Corporation, a listed company, for the year ending 31 March 2020. The

You are an audit supervisor of Ali & Babs partnersand you are planning the audit of Little Angel Corporation, a listed company, for the year ending 31 March 2020. The company manufactures computer components and forecast profit before tax is GH¢33·6m and total assets are GH¢79·3m.Little Angel Corporationdistributes its products through wholesalers as well as via its own website. The website was upgraded during the year at a cost of GH¢1·1m. Additionally, the company entered into a transaction in February to purchase a new warehouse which will cost GH¢3·2m. Little Angel Corporation’s legal advisers are working to ensure that the legal process will be completed by the year end. The company issued $5m of irredeemable preference shares to finance the warehouse purchase. During the year the financedirector has increased the useful economic lives of fixtures and fittings from three to four years as he felt this was a more appropriate period. The finance director has informed the engagement partner that a revised credit period has been agreed with one of its wholesale customers, as they have been experiencing difficulties with repaying the balance of GH¢1·2m owing to Little Angel Corporation. In January 2020,Little Angel Corporation introduced a new bonus based on sales targets for its sales staff. This has resulted in a significant number of new wholesale customer accounts being opened by sales staff. The new customers have been given favourable credit terms as an introductory offer, provided goods are purchased within a two-month period. As a result, revenue has increased by 5% on the prior year. The company has launched several new products this year and all but one of these new launches have been successful. Feedback on product Pute, launched four months ago, has been mixed, and the company has just received notice from one of their customers, Lanque Company, of intended legal action. They are alleging the product sold to them was faulty, resulting in a significant loss of information and an ongoing detrimental impact on profits. As a precaution,sales of the Pute product have been halted and a product recall has been initiated for any Pute products sold in the last four months. The finance director is keen to announce the company’s financial results to the stock market earlier than last year andin order to facilitate this, he has asked if the audit could be completed in a shorter timescale. In addition, the company is intending to propose a final dividend once the financial statements are finalized. Little Angel Corporation’s finance director has informed the audit engagement partner that one of the company’s non-executive directors NEDhas just resigned, and he has enquired if the partners at Ali & Babs partners can Little Angel Corporationin recruiting a new NED. Specifically,he has requested the engagement quality control reviewer, who was until last year the audit engagement partner onLittle Angel Corporation, assist the company in this recruitment. Ali & Babs partners also provides taxation services forLittle Angel Corporationinthe form of tax return preparation along with some tax planning advice. The finance director has recommended to the audit committee of Little Angel Corporation that this year’s audit fee should be based on the company’s profit before tax. At today’s date, 20% of last year’s audit fee is still outstanding and was due to be paid three months ago. Required:Describe EIGHT audit risks, and explain the auditor’s response to each risk, in planning the audit of Little Angel Corporation.

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